Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Small more

I harvested the lemons today. There were a few mandarins that I picked too. They're all small because they were starved of water for so long. I'll give them to Vivien to be made into lemon butter. The mandarins, maybe some marmalade.

I was filling in the form for the capertee valley alliance membership and it requested a web site (if I had one) whoops - haven't been keeping up. But I gave this one anyway, but it reminded me about my movie on Youtube I digitised this film that I made back in my women's movement days and loaded it up last year.

Capertee Valley Alliance "temporary blogspot" is a mine of information about the valley of which Glen Davis is a corner. Donna and Bruce are working on a comprehensive website for the valley but meanwhile have created this wonderful and always up to date centre of information.

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Donna Upton said...

Thanks' Julie for the plug, we are always looking for good news stories.

Perhaps we could get people to talk about their success or otherwise about their gardens.